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Martin helped us tremendously to take our R&D agility on the next level, invested a lot of energy into couching our developers and breaking several legacy status quo. Workflows and processes has been streamlined and cleaned up. I value Martin's honesty, his ability of understanding complex interpersonal situations, brining valuable advises and perfect execution with hands on. — Damian Brhel, CTO of Brand Embassy
I first met Martin as one of the my hiring managers at Mall Group. The cooperation was so smooth and meaningful that when I met him as my client with an offer to work with him in another company, I took it. I worked with him in 3 companies so far and each time it was a great experience. His passion for learning and trying new things, thinking out of the box, common sense, organizational skills, time management and ability to share his knowledge are the reasons why I would say he is the best manager or leader I have ever worked with and I will again if it will be possible. Or I hope he will teach it other managers around me. — Katerina Jelinkova, Talent Acquisition at NICE CXone
It was a great experience to work with Martin. In my eyes, he has amazing ability of not only seeing potential, but also is able to help its holder to find an opportunity to improve himself in unexpected ways. He is direct and trustworthy, and has a drive that motivates others, encouraging them to make difficult decisions themselves. — Michal Tichy, Lead SWE at NICE CXone
Martin leads by example and enables learning, experimentation and communication. Martin showed genuine interest in my growth and effectively supported me as this in turn enabled my ability to perform. As a Manager, he flattened the structure thereby changing the way we evaluate ourselves and support each other, allowing for autonomy, and continuously encouraging Mastery of our craft. As an Agile coach, he brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding and is transparent, always seeking ways to improve, and evolve. — Cherukei Yvonne Orianwo, Agile Coach at Worldfirst
Martin is the best developer I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Talented in terms of creativity and innovation, but incredibly good at managing clients, budgets and timelines to ensure every deliverable goes above and beyond. I'd recommend him wholeheartedly. — Strategic Account Director, WMW

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