Martin Jarcik

Ubi – Ubiquitous Agile Framework

Ubi aims to be a human approach to Agile / Lean way of working for software projects. It’s value-oriented, effortless to understand and to start with, promotes healthy habits and represents a sustainable foundation for your grow.
There are only 9 easy rules to follow, however they’re mandatory, and it’s very likely that Ubi won’t work if even one is ignored.
  1. Break work into goals (likely features) of similar size, each individually delivering business value and not bigger than two weeks of work. Prioritise a list of these goals – Backlog – by their value and make it accessible to everyone even outside of the team.
  1. Work a goal with a self-organised team which consists of all people (usually a mix of business, product and technical) required to deliver and review the goal.
  1. The team should be supported by a servant-leader manager who is responsible for creating an environment where the team can operate according to Ubi expectations.
  1. Work on backlog items through regular delivery cycles. Each cycle starts with planning a goal + an improvement and ends with Inspect & Adapt activity immediately when the goal is finished.
  1. Plan only a single goal and with the whole team. Discuss WHAT, WHY and HOW. Plan also an improvement.
  1. Use Inspect & Adapt activity to review the goal and to demo it to whoever may be interested. It’s also to evaluate the improvement and to identify new opportunities to improve.
  1. Continuously measure the delivered value and use it as driving metric behind decisions and performance reviews.
  1. Work the goal in a very collaborative fashion to reduce the number of hand-offs.
  1. Pay adequate attention to work quality without conscious sacrifices.
It’s expected that the team will apply additional process or practices on top of Ubi.
This page is currently in progress of renovation 😉 more info about Ubi soon.